So, which nation should appreciate and respect Champagne more than any other? The French, right? Wrong!

The Air France Algiers to Paris flight was preparing to take off.  I accepted a very inviting chilled flute of Champagne from the flight steward.  Once he finished serving drinks to the dozen or so passengers in the business class cabin, he disappeared behind the curtains to the bulkhead service galley.

I settled down in my seat, took a sip of my Champagne, and turned on my iPad to look for the eBook I had started on the way to Algeria a couple of days earlier.

By the time I had my second sip of the lovely bubbly, our steward emerged from behind the curtains, both arms held aloft on either side of him brandishing two spray-cans, and began to disinfect the business class cabin, lacing our drinks in the process!

Air France: How difficult is it to work out that “Spray & Serve” is good while “Serve & Spray” is unspeakably bad? Vive France!