She called David’s number and the line opened, she said hello a few times to prompt the caller to respond to no avail. The line went dead. She tried his number 5 more times but each time the call was refused. Sam finally gave up and called Detective Robert Daley and arranged to go and see him first thing the following morning.


 Daley: Mrs Conway, your story is difficult to believe. I am not suggesting you are lying, I am just saying that if what actually happened resembles what you describe had happened, then the suicide would have been discovered and the authorities, wherever that may be, alerted. I could understand it if the suicide was by overdose or hanging or wrist slashing, as these methods can all be done without making noise and the victim can lie there undetected for a long time but, a gun?   Guns make a hell of a lot of noise Mrs Conway and there is no way a thing like this would go unnoticed in a busy hotel.

Sam: maybe the hotel was very huge hotel and he was in a remote and empty wing

Daley: That is possible but unlikely

Sam: So, where do we go from here?

Daley: With the story you have told me, we go nowhere. I need better information

Sam: But I told you everything I know

Daley: No you haven’t, not really

Sam: What do you mean Mr Daley, are you saying I am hiding something?

Daley: Not deliberately but it is possible

Sam: Mr Daley, if you are trying to angle for more money or you have no idea how to handle the case, just say so but, don’t bullshit me with your psycho babble, I have had a couple of really shitty days and I don’t need you to make them Shittier, thank you very much!

Daley: Let me ask you a straightforward question Mrs Conway, did you actually see your husband shoot himself?

Sam: Yes I did

Daley: Please think again and this time try to picture what really took place. Did your husband put the gun to his head, in his mouth, to his chest or anything like that before he pulled the trigger?

Sam: No! God, you are gruesome!

Daley: Thank you for that but, I really need you to help me if you want me to help you. Did you see your husband actually pull the trigger while pointing it at any part of his body? Think Mrs Conway!

Sam: Not exactly

Daley: So, what exactly did you see in the last 3 seconds of your Skype session with your husband and this time, try to visualise the scene in your head

Sam: David was waving the gun as he was talking and then BANG!

Daley: He was waving the gun but where was the nozzle of the gun pointing at the time when he was waving it?

Sam: God, I can’t remember

Daley: You must remember Mrs Conway, it is extremely important, how was he waving the gun; show me with this stapler?

Sam: He was waving it in front of the camera

Daley: Waving it in front of the camera as though he was about to shoot the screen you mean?

Sam: well he was using his phone to conduct the Skype session so he was looking at me through the phone camera and waving the gun in my direction

Daley: So, if you were in the room with him, the gun would have been pointing at you instead of the phone?

Sam: I guess it would

Daley: Then what happened at the last moment?

Sam: There was a noise and the session ended

Daley: So, how do you know he shot himself?

Sam: What else could he have done?

Daley: Maybe he shot you Mrs Conway!

Sam: Oh don’t be ridiculous! I wasn’t there

Daley: I know that but, instead of you standing in front of him he had his phone taking your place

Sam: Are you saying David shot his phone?

Daley: It is more likely than your version of events

Sam: Why would he do a stupid thing like that?

Daley: That, I don’t know, not yet

Sam: Wait a minute

Daley: Yes?

Sam: You are so utterly wrong

Daley: What makes you say that?

Sam: Because I just had a missed call from my husband yesterday afternoon

Daley: Come again?

Sam: I went to see Chief Inspector Jones to discuss my husband’s disappearance and before going in to see her, I put my phone on silent and I forgot to put it back on again afterwards. When I got home, there was a missed call from David. I called back but I had no reply

Daley: What do you mean you had no reply?

Sam: The phone was answered but no one spoke at the other end. This proves that his phone is not in a million pieces as you suggested

Daley: You could be right Mrs Conway. Would you mind giving me your husband’s phone number?


Daley used his own mobile phone, an old Blackberry, to dial David’s number. He listened for a while and then hung up.

Sam: Well?

Daley: Same thing you experienced, no one is responding. Do you happen to remember who is his service provider Mrs Conway?

Sam: Same as mine, we have a joint contract with Vodafone.


Daley asked Sam to leave the matter with him for 24 hours, he will review the notes he gathered from her, make a couple of enquiries and then would contact her to let her know if he was able to help or not. They shook hands and she left his drab office convinced she wasted her time on this small time “private detective”.


As soon as Sam left Daley’s office and before she found a free taxi Daley was on the phone to one of his “mates” at Vodafone asking him to make some enquiries about David’s number. The friend said to leave it with him and would get back to him as soon as possible.

Daley got up, went to the small kitchen at the back of his office, made a strong coffee, rummaged for some biscuits and finally found an old packet of digestives, he carried the packet of biscuits in one hand and the coffee in the other and returned to his desk.

Daley was about to dunk the second biscuit in his coffee when his Blackberry buzzed. He set his biscuit on the coffee saucer and began to answer his phone.

Daley: Oh Tom, crikey, you are quick mate!

Tom: Yes, you owe me a pint of lager, you bugger

Daley: Why, did you dig up anything?

Tom: What do you think?

Daley: Oh you are a diamond, you are, what did you find?

Tom: Your friend is very, very interesting

Daley: Tom, could you hold on one minute while I get myself a piece of paper and a pen, I am going to put you down for a second.

Daley bent down to his right and began to search in the drawers of his desk. A man walked in to his office, stood right up against the desk.

Man: Robert Daley?

Daley: Yes, can I help you?

The man pulled out a gun, took aim and fired a single muffled shot. It went through Robert Daley’s forehead and out of the back of his head taking with it two thirds of his brains and a considerable amount of blood, all of which were deposited on the wall annual planner behind him. His lifeless body slid down the chair and disappeared under the desk. The assassin reached for the blackberry on the desk and with a hot tip of his gun, pressed the red button, thus terminating the call between Tom at Vodafone and Daley.

As the killer left the office, Daley’s Blackberry rang again, presumably from Tom but he couldn’t care less, his job was done for the day and he thought of dinner: a juicy medium rare steak and a glass of claret.


To be continued…