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    Value-Subtracting Clichés

    The thing about clichés, apart from being over-used and irritating, is that they may sound good/wise, fit neatly around the topic in hand, and provide a short-cut to a common agreement.  This last element is the troubling one.  A short-cut…

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    Travel Blog

    How Pregnant is Your Pause?

    I wish I could live in Venice or Stockholm.  Venice makes sense because I visited the city more than once and had the opportunity to get a sense of its atmospheric beauty, drama and romance.  Stockholm however, does not make…

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    Business Articles

    What Doesn’t Kill You

    I was having a casual conversation with my youngest daughter who will graduate from university next summer.  Gradually, the chat moved from the casual to the deep as we began contrasting life pressures on her Millennial Generation compared to my…

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    A Simple Passenger

    Random Passenger: Excuse me this is my seat Me: My boarding pass says it is mine, I have 2B and this seat is 2B Random Passenger: But I always have 2B Me: What does your boarding pass has on it:…

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