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    Plato on a Plate

    “From the moment I could talk, I was ordered to listen” is a line from the ‘Father and Son’ song by Cat Stevens.  The song depicts the typical angst of youth and the counter balancing views of the father figure….

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    Business Articles

    What Doesn’t Kill You

    I was having a casual conversation with my youngest daughter who will graduate from university next summer.  Gradually, the chat moved from the casual to the deep as we began contrasting life pressures on her Millennial Generation compared to my…

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    Soapbox Story

    Going through security checks at Riyadh Airport where, as in every other international airport, you have to empty your pockets and rid yourself of anything remotely metallic, by placing it in the obligatory tray to push through the X-Ray machine. …

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    Keeping Fit

    Going to the gym for Emma Spencer was a treat as a reward for all the “stuff” she had to deal with day in, day out. Although you wouldn’t think it was such a treat when you see her struggling…

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