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    Writing is how I relax from everyday stresses and pressures of life. I find it very therapeutic and energising.  Very often, the value of the writing activity is the activity itself, rather than the output. Most of what I write therefore, gets quietly pushed aside, buried under a mound of paper, filed in an electronic folder forever, or more often than not, destroyed.

    Occasionally however, I feel passionately or affectionately enough about some issue or another to want to share it with primarily family and friends, but occasionally with strangers. The topic does not have to be political, humanitarian or worthy in an evangelical way; I never set out to change the world. It can be a simple observation, an amusing anecdote, a travel experience, a fictional story, or my take on the business world I work within.

    The writings I share in this blog are there in the hope that I might trigger a thought in your mind, stir a feeling in your heart, or simply bring a smile to your face. If I manage to do any of these things then great and I hope you come visiting again soon.

    Your feedback is welcome and so is your recommendation of this blog to others.

    Thank you for visiting!