Hot Towels, Cold Treatment

The airline industry, God bless them and all those who sail with them!  They like extremes, don’t they?  The hot towels are scolding hot; the cold ones, if brought anywhere near your face, will give you a frost bite; the water is freezing icy liquid; information, when provided, is way too much (local time, temperature, how pleased they are to have you on board, etc.), but they don’t tell you why the flight was 2:45 minutes late; when they want to ignore you, boy, do they ignore you!

Today, I ordered the mezzeh for a starter, cannelloni for main course, followed by the fruit option.  Without exaggeration, the hummus and tabouleh were frozen solid, and the cannelloni with vegetables were heated up to such a degree, the various items melted into one another.  As for the fruit, the actual pieces disintegrated due to the cold temperature they were subjected to.  So, on the whole, I think I ingested about 10 calories in total, and my teeth are still throbbing with pain; thank you Gulf Air!


      1. I’ve heard good things about those two airlines as well. I’ll have to see for myself when I travel the globe.

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